A tid bit about me

I am a wife, mother, lover of adventures and music (however musically untalented I am...I mean really...you should never have to hear me sing).  I grew up moving around being a military brat and have lived in: Texas, Arizona, Germany, Virginia, Florida, and Oklahoma.  But don't worry, I managed to find my way back to Texas!  I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2010.  I guess you can say being an Aggie was in my blood with both my parents and sisters having graduated from A&M as well.  

I am lucky to have found my passion for photography early on.  I first started my journey with photography using an old 35 mm film camera my parents had for a high school course then again in college.  I was gifted my first DSLR and soon fell for travel photography, intertwining my two great passions.  Little did I know it would grow into something more where I now get to meet and befriend people from all walks of life.  Get to know their story and capture a tiny part of their journey.

I hope to share a part of your journey!

xoxo Courtney
a few of  my  favorite  things
My Family
Texas Sunsets & Wildflowers